Staying positive in your working environment 101.

Part 1

How bad working environment affects the team, task and individuals.
1.Task, I remember this as it was yesterday. As I was working with this electrical company, and they task
everyone with what is called a quota, that is the amount of task each person had to do each day. And
the quota was some what unrealistic to achieve every day, because of various reasons. Like other trade
worker will be in our way, and that some time getting the job done it was extremely difficult at times.
And when we will let our concern know they will say you all have to do it or you will be written up. That
made some quit, others just had no joy working there and the morale was down. And the job will always
have to be done over because we had to rush to meet the quota. And in the end it cost the company
2. Team, here is another personal example of this company I am working for again, this time the problem is
team work. There is some guy who feels that they are the boss and that have more privilege than
others. And because of that there are disunity and you can feel the hostility amount the worker, that
guy will gossip about one another, with other and the boss. And it make working there hard at time, as
you see some working very hard and others just sitting and working mediocre. The atmosphere is very
unprofessional and it affect the task as well as individuals on the job.
3. Individual, this is another personal experience with one of my foreman on my job, that think that he can
push over others to get to the top. And his action is know by everyone who works with him. And that
makes everyone not wanting to work with him. Thus making the job environment hostile, the team is
unease, also making the task very hard just by thinking about working with this foreman and his
Part 2

How great working environment affects the team, task and individuals.
1. Team , as team work together and in unity both the task can be done and everything individuals will feel
important. As I can recall there was a time the a project need to be finished at a certain time and the
time was at hand very at hand. And as a team we all decided to work later and even on days that we did
not have to work. It was a team effort and thus the task was completed in time and everyone was
rewarded and felt great by accomplished the task. If we did not work as a team then it would of cause
the company lots of money for missing the date, some of us could of loss our job.
2. Individual, working for this amazing hard working boss who is not afraid to get dirty, that is the reason
why we accomplish our task with excellence and why our team of electrician is united and is happy
working for this company. We all have the example of what a great leader is in our boss, his work ethic
keeps us on track, if the boss will do It, even when he do not have to do it. The question is why, or what
is keeping us from doing our task.

You have to be ready to for any work environment in this age and time, but any worker will always want to be in an environment to promote healthy, positive,and motivating conditions. And it must start with great leadership, and we have a lot of unprofessional leadership in the work place. They should be focus on getting people to the place of great leadership. And this what I will be looking at in this series. See you on the next post. Thank for reading.

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