Mark 13

Bible Teaching Notes

Mark 13:3-14

13:1 One of the disciples called attention to the magnificence of the temple area.

13:2 Jesus foretold destruction of the temple (which occurred in A.D. 70).

13:3 As Jesus was sitting on the Mount of Olives [this high place allowed a good view of the temple mount and of the city of Jerusalem] opposite the temple, Peter, James, John and Andrew [the first disciples Jesus chose (Mk. 1:16-20)] asked him privately [about temple’s future destruction],

13:4 “Tell us [note two concerns], [1] when will these things [destruction of the temple] happen? And [2] what will be the sign [indicator; visible revelation of something to follow] that they [cf. Matt. 24:3] are all about to be fulfilled?”

13:5 Jesus said to them [how to be ready; personal preparation]: “[this warning issued in vv. 5,9,23,33,37] Watch out [Greek = blepo which means beware] that no…

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