1.What is the role of the church in the society?

2. Should a believer in Christ become a politician?

3.What is your all view on church and state coming together as one?

Share this blog discussion, share your comment and follow for more thought provoking informational discussion and much more. In order that we can hear the different in belief, and come to a common understanding. When we let the word of God speak for it self.

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  1. godson20285 says:

    I believe that we have, giving ridership of our country to people who are not God fearing, because of the view that the church and state should be separated. But can we have a God fearing nation if those who lead us is not God fearing? In the word of God kings were men of God. We need to take back our place of leadership in our nations if we want it to be a better place.

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