Mark 15

Great insight of the scripture.

Bible Teaching Notes

Mark 15:22-32

• Jesus was mocked by Herod’s soldiers (Mark 15:16-20).
• Simon of Cyrene was forced to carry Jesus’ cross (Mark 15:21).

15:22 They [Roman soldiers] brought [possibly led or carried] Jesus to the place called Golgotha [Greek word for a place located outside the city’s walls — see Heb. 13:12] (which means [in Aramaic] The Place of the Skull [Latin word is translated Calvary]).

15:23 Then [before He was nailed to the cross] they [perhaps friends since the soldiers would want to inflict maximum pain] offered him wine mixed with myrrh [an anesthetic or sedative to induce sleep and deaden pain], but he did not [see Matt. 27:34] take it [He accepted His sentence and the suffering it involved / He was willing to feel the full impact of the crucifixion].

15:24 And they crucified [the most horrible way to die at the time /…

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