Grateful, despite a minor bump.

Thank God nothing harmed you both. God is our Protector.

MomeeTamee & Timothy

I am grateful to be alive. I am grateful to be a mom. I am happy that my son, Timothy and I are safe and sound after being in an accident this morning.

We were returning home from a short library trip. It had just started raining when I entered our neighborhood. I signaled to turn but had to wait for a bus to move, then bang! I check my review mirror and I see the red truck attached to the car’s bumper. Yikes! Ouch! I screamed and checked to see if Timothy was alright. We pulled into my apartment complex entrance and the other driver came out. Duncan apologized and we took pictures and he texted me pictures of his license and insurance. I got just a very tiny dent on my bumper and his Toyota was okay.

Thank you Jesus all is well. I am grateful knowing it…

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