How important is baptism in our salvation?

Why do people teach and preach that baptism does not save, and that It not a core believe in the Christian faith? Why do they play with the salvation of people? The Bible teaches that baptism saves but not by It self It my be accompanied with repentance, believe, confession. Look at It this way to better understand how baptism works, It is like a judge passing a judgment and and saying you must do 100 hours of community service and pay $300 and the your charges will be dropped and your record will be wiped clean. Do you think if the person only did one of the two requirements will He or she be free from the charges? The word of God says, how We will be saved and be apart of His kingdom. These Scriptures tells us clearly; Acts 2:38, mark 16:16, 1 Peter 3:21, Matthew 28:18-20, John 3:5. And after the Scriptures are very clear on baptism saving and how very important it is in our salvation, yet people use the example of the thief on the cross to proof text or What is called the dogmatic approach in theology, to say that baptism is not important in our salvation. Two things to show why this Kind of thinking is wrong and in error. One the thief on the cross was still under the the old covenant of the law or the dispensation of law and not under the covenant of grace, because Jesus was still alive when He told the thief that. Jesus had to died and raised and ascent back in heaven in order for the new covenant to be activated. That is why He said if I do not go back to the Father then the promise of Holy Spirit Who will live in the heart of the believers will not come to be our inner help and strength and seal of ownership. And secondly God is in charge, and He said in the Scripture that He has mercy on whom He desire to have mercy on and He is the One making the decision and in control, Not man We are called to do What He said and not be God, as the Scripture says in Romans 9. We are called to be careful What We teach because It ensure salvation for both you and the hearers. Why guess how people can be save when the Scriptures clearly says how people ought to be save. It is better to do all what is said on how to be saved than to leave out and say this is not important or a must, then you hear the Lord says depart from me I know you not. Be wise my fellow mankind.

God’s Son

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