Firmly rooted


We are firmly rooted and established by Christ Jesus our Lord, because we have believed and is still believing in Him. We have received Him as Lord, master, saviour, king, father and friend. We need not to live ourlives as if we are hopeless and without purpose, we have christ on our side to make us in a great and wonderful person, to be well established so that no one or nothing can or will be able to move us. But we must accept Him into ourlives to make us in precious and priceless people for His will, and His will is the best will for mankind because He is the One who created us all. So to be rooted and firmly grounded and established we have to choose Jesus Christ as our all in all.
Father God you are Holy and worthy of all our praise and worship, help us to choose You over everything else of this world. So that we can be all that we can be, well rooted and established in Jesus name amen.

God’s Son

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