Our future is very bright


As I look at this scripture, it brings a smile of joy to me. Because it show how great my future is, one day there will be no more death because our God will and has put and end to death. If you have ever lose a love one to death, then you will understand the pain that it brings. The word of God says that he that believes in Jesus will have everlasting life, that is something to be joyful about. So as we live in this life now knowing that this earth is not our final destination. The question is which destination will you choose? One that you will live forever with the Creator and Master, or the one of everlasting condemnation with the devil and his followers. We can all live forever why not choose it now? #Everlastinglife. Our tears will be wiped away and our reproach will be no more, our debt is paid in full so no matter what sin we have committed He has washed it away waiting for you to accept the innocent verdict. Grace is God hand stretching out to mankind, and faith is our hand reaching out to receive His grace. #Graceandfaith.

God’s Son

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