Are you a full-time worshipper ?


As I take a good look at what is called by the Christian world and even the world at large, the passion week or the final week of Jesus Christ on earth. It gives me a bitter sweet memory, you may ask why does it do that you? Let me explain, here we have many people has come out to see Jesus because of all that the have seen Him do or have heard that He has done. They praised Him, they worshipped Him, they adorned Him on that palm Sunday. With shouts palm branches and all kinds of things they place on the road so that He can ride in as the King. And that was awesome, but it does not end there as the week progress, they forgot about all the praising and shouting, and adoration that they gave to Him. And said kill Him, forgetting all that they have just called Him King on sunday. And as I look in today society, the question I am asking is how much of us are doing the same thing? Praising Jesus on sunday and saying kill Him the rest of the week? Because eveytime we sin willfully we are put Him back on the cross, saying with our action kill Him. So you see Jesus been through that already and what He wants from us is full-time worshippers who will worship Him no matter what comes our way. Let our lifestyle be of a true worshipper in spite of I will worship the Creator and Master of ourlives. #Full-timeworshippers.

God’s Son

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