Who have you given the task to build your house?


The question I am asking today is, who have you given the tast and responsibility to build your houses? Think for a moment, really think for a moment and ask yourselves the question. You have to make sure that the one you gave the task is highly qualified, to do an awesome task of completing it. Let me narrow in on some facts, so that you will know what I am talking about. One the house I am referring to is your lives, your families, you communities, your country, and the world at large. You see when unqualified people are giving a task to do, most likely they will not do a good job and will make it worst than it is. And that is what is happening today the One that is highly qualified to build the house of ourlives we have kick Him out of our schools, homes, communities, church, and the world. And replace Him with unqualified people and things, to lead us, protect us, teach us. And yet we are wondering why the world is in this state, it is because we have replace the master builder that cost alot mostly our sacrifice and obedience to Him, for cheap labor that enables us to do as we like and what we want. This is the cost of choosing cheap labor, disobedient children, disrespectful people, a world full of hatred, selfishness,murderers, inequality, racism and the list goes on and on. Stay tuned for part two, #nomorecheaplabor.

God’s Son

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