What is your testimony?


How is life for you? As you look at your life, think for a moment. Ask your self what have I done to be alive, when others are dying every hour of the day? Why did I miss this accident for happening to me? It is that I am better than the person who did not make it to the next day? My friends we are only alive still because of God’s favor on ourlives, so that it will be a testimony for us, that we will not give up on our Creator and master. Have God not done great and marvelous things in your life and the lives of the people around you? Think for a while haven’t He been awesome so that now, we can overcome the enemy with by our testimony and His blood that He shed for the world, and us not loving ourlives more than giving Him the praise and worship. That is what the scripture above says, so let us overcome the enemy because His side of the job is done and now the victory is up to us to choose. I pray that we will all choose victory over the enemy and not join him in defeat.

God’s Son

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  1. godson20285 says:

    The Lord has kept me from dying on the beach so I call Him my Saviour and Protector and will worship and server Him with all the breath I have. I am sold out to Him.


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