What does the Creator sees in the world today?



As we think over ourlives, knowing that the Creator sees and knows all things. What do you think His is seeing, and what is He saying about humanity now? Or what is He saying about you individually, are you like the wicked people or Noah and his family? Will you find favor in His eyes or will you be fond as a regret in His eyes? I hope that He will be please with us in what we are doing, becuse He is coming soon with all power not to die on a cross but to judge the world and to take those who trust Him and who are living to please Him. So my suggestion is that you be found righteous, in His eyes base on the work of His Son, that He did over 2000 years ago. Do not reject the perfect gift of His Son, He has His hand wide open, and His love is for you all world.

God’s Son

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