It is time for our leaders and ourselves to do much better.

  Sitting here and thinking, walking and thinking, and laying down and thinking. Why as a people can we not do better? We live our lives, going back and forth, not seeing that we can do better and must do better. Why is it in this day and time, there is a big gap between the rich and the poor? Or why is it that the rich or even those who have can not help out or do more? It hurts me to see people wasting things, but will never invest it in giving to the needy. People are eating and drinking more only to end up over weight, diabetic, and with a whole amount of other sickness. Instead of sharing, and lending a hand, but hats off to those who have shared and is still sharing.
            I seen and heard that even some pastors and church leaders have the attitude of greed, wanting more and more and there are people suffering and need help, shame on you all. The model found in the Bible is totally the opposite to your all attitudes. It say that the sell the possessions and give to those in need, you all need to really live out the Bible that you so claim to live by. If we act as the world how will the world act like the church? We are the called out ones, read and study the word. Too much vanity is been demonstrated in the church, by those who should know better. I am not saying that we should be suffering as christian, but our heart should be people centered.
       This is also for the politicians too. Why do you not have a heart for the people? It is us who place you all there, yet you all live in huge house and eat the best food, get health insurance and all kinda of benefits after spend the required amount of time. But you think that the less fortunate should receive help for the tax payers, when you gets paid a huge salary and can pay for your own health and other insurance coverage. Shame on you all politicians.
   They are people who really need a help not because of drugs but because the lose their job or some other serious situation. If we have a heart for people how can you pass by and see people sleeping on the streets and on corners and are not moved to help. Lets feed, lets house and lets cloths the needy one village at a time. Let us hold those who lead us accountable to do better, lets hold ourselves accountable to do better.




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